Kelsey is a child therapist providing services for children & adolescents ages 3-18. Kelsey works with the individual/family & is competent in areas of adjustment, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, perfectionism, behavioral outbursts, grief, emotional regulation, trauma, family dynamics, intellectual disabilities, PANDAS, and developmental disorders. Kelsey uses play, talk, and mindfulness techniques to provide a safe space for rapport building & emotional processing. Kelsey teaches clients ways to effectively identify triggers, express emotions/needs, and use coping strategies to self-regulate.

Kelsey is an Iowa native with 18 years of experience (6 years in the clinical setting) working with children & families. She uses expressive/play therapy (directive & non-directive) techniques & takes a client-centered, strength-based approach. Kelsey exhibits skills in cultural competence, child-development, trauma informed care, family systems & attachment.

Kelsey enjoys indoor/outdoor gardening, spending time with family, pets & friends, and any adventure – big or small, near or far! 🙂 Please reach out if you would like to begin your child’s/family’s journey of exploration, learning, play, growth and change!